The following links will provide maps and detailed driving instructions to reach our clinic.  Unless you are very familiar with our location, we recommend that you print out the map and take it with you.  Please select the route you are most likely to use to approach UBC/University Endowment Lands:

West 4th Avenue

West 10th Avenue

West 16th Avenue

South West Marine Drive

Also, you might  consider visiting the TELUS MAP and DRIVING INSTRUCTION SITE    (insert your start address as well as our address, 2150 Western Parkway, Vancouver, for driving instructions which can be printed).

Access to underground parking for the University Market Place is located off Alison Road.  Alison Road is poorly marked (please see the appropriate map for your approach route), it is two blocks east (towards Vancouver) of the intersection of Wesbrook Mall and University Boulevard and one block east of Western Parkway.  From University Boulevard, turn south (towards the airport) onto Alison Road and immediately before Staples turn right into the University Market Place parkade.

After parking your car, be certain to purchase a parking ticket from the machine and place it on your dash.  You can then find the elevator lobby  (marked 2150 Western Parkway)  and proceed to the second floor.  Exit the elevator, turn left, then left again at the end of the hall.  We are on the right side just before you exit the building.  Please note, that there are no stairs from the parking lot to the second floor.  Any stairs from that level will simply take you to the ground level outside.

In the event that you have problem finding us, simply call us at 604.224.2411 from your cell phone and we will provide assistance.  Remember to program our telephone number into your cell phone.