Dear Patients:

We are always delighted to hear your comments about our team and our office.  Please click to send us an email with any comments you may have.

Our commitment is our dedication to both you and our profession by carrying out our services to the absolute best of our ability.  We wear our pride and dedication on 'our sleeve' and know that all team members proudly wear the green leaf of Pacific Spirit Dental Centre.

We are frequently asked by our patients if we accept new patients.  When you are pleased with our commitment, we would be delighted to accept your referral whether family, friends or workmates. We greatly welcome your referrals in order that we can grow our practice.  In this way, we can acquire better technologies as well as professional skills development with the result that we can better serve you..  Having more technology available for use, not only improves the services available to you but also increases our motivation and pride. The ultimate winner is you.  By advancing our clinic, we are then able, through improved diagnostic equipment and delivery services, to ultimately improve your treatment outcomes as well as reducing actual treatments.  The result is better dental health with greater cost-effect!

Your can refer patients to us by any of the following:

All of us at Pacific Spirit Dental Centre take great pride in striving to be the best.  Your help in making us the best is appreciated.