Becoming a New Patient

We accept referrals from all dental specialists, as well as from a family member or a friend. You are also welcome to contact us directly.

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Our goal at Pacific Spirit Dental Centre is to inspire confidence in your smile and oral health. We offer a whole range of both general dentistry and specialist prosthodontic services in order to serve our patients’ needs.

We are always accepting new patients and referrals.

First Consultation

Welcome to our clinic. Joining a new dental practice can be daunting. These FAQs about your first visit explain how we can make your first visit as comfortable as possible.

Your First Consultation usually lasts for one hour.

It’s most helpful to us to review any recent dental and health records that you may have available including:

  • Recent past dental radiographs/x-rays (anything within the past 2 years)
  • Previous appliances and prostheses e.g. bite guards, dentures, retainers
  • Study models
  • Medical history
  • List of current medications
  • With your consent, you may request these records be sent to us by your existing/previous dental provider. Especially with radiographs, we prefer to prescribe the minimum number necessary to accurately diagnose your teeth and gums.

At your initial visit, you can expect:

  • A thorough examination of your mouth, teeth, and jaw muscles
  • Evaluation of your treatment goals
  • Initial advice on treatment with approximate time and cost needed
  • A radiographic exam consisting of panoramic and bite-wing images
  • A digital study model

For patients with complex dental needs, a dedicated treatment planning consultation to present our findings and recommendations will be conducted by your treating dentist before treatment begins. This meeting is usually scheduled within two weeks after your diagnostic records are obtained.

During this appointment, a treatment plan with different options will be provided to you along with an estimate of the costs of treatment. You are encouraged to bring your significant other or person who may participate or help in your decisions. Thorough explanations will be provided regarding risks, benefits, and alternatives of treatment. All your questions will be answered prior to obtaining your consent to begin treatment.

Downloadable Forms

Resources for Patients

Denture Adhesives

This form explains how to choose and use a denture adhesive.


Denture Care

This form explains how to care for your new dentures.


General Post Operative Instructions

This form explains what to expect and how to care for yourself after oral surgery.


Health History

This is a form we’ll ask you to fill out and submit prior to oral surgery.


Sinus Augmentation Information

This form explains everything you need to know about sinus augmentation surgery.


Implant Post Operative Instructions

This form explains how to care for yourself after implant placement.


Dental Insurance

We are committed to providing you with the best possible care. You are responsible for all fees charged by this office regardless of your insurance coverage. If you wish, we will assist you with dental insurance pre-determinations to help calculate your eligible coverage prior to treatment.

Please note that our office does not direct bill your insurance company. However, we will submit a claim electronically or provide you with a dental insurance claim form that you can submit to your private insurer or employer so that you may receive your eligible reimbursement. If you have dental insurance, we are anxious to help you receive your maximum allowable benefits. In order to achieve these goals, we need your assistance and your understanding of how we work with insurance.

  • Come prepared to pay your account at each visit. We accept cash, certified cheques, Visa, MasterCard, Debit, and EMT (Email Money Transfer).
  • We are happy to prepare and file electronic insurance claims. We will provide you with the necessary documentation for the services you receive. You will receive reimbursement directly from the insurance company.
  • Your insurance is a contract between you, your employer, and the insurance company. We emphasize that as health care providers, our relationship is with you, not your insurance company.
    o Although we can often estimate what your coverage will be, we cannot be responsible for the accuracy of our estimates because of the overwhelming number of insurance plans and changes in coverage that are continually occurring.
  • Due to the overwhelming number of insurance plans, it is impossible for us to be able to guarantee coverage by your individual insurance plans.


We’re located in the heart of the University of British Columbia campus and along the Arbutus corridor. We are modern, professional, and specialists in your smile.

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