Dental Laboratory

In-house technician services to design and fabricate crowns, bite splints, and prototypes on-site, under the direct supervision of your dentist.

Harnessing Advanced Dental Technology

Time Efficient, Comfortable, and Patient-centred.

Superior dentistry is a collaboration between the patient, dentist, and technician. At Pacific Spirit, we collaborate with the best to offer restorations that are natural, functional, and durable. Modern dental technology allows many treatments such as crowns and bite splints to be custom-made to exacting standards completely in our clinic.

The In-House Laboratory Difference

Same-day restorations allow you to walk out of the dental office with a fully functional and aesthetically pleasing ceramic restoration in just one visit. This is particularly beneficial if you have a busy schedule or if you’re looking to minimize the number of dental visits. And there are more benefits.

On-site Adjustments

Occasionally, minor adjustments to the shape and shade of a ceramic restoration need to be made in order to achieve the most natural and lifelike result. Traditionally returned to an external laboratory for re-processing, we are able to perform these adjustments immediately on-site, saving valuable time.

Hands-On Collaboration

“How does the lab know what shape to make my teeth?” We are asked this question regularly. Designed in-house, your dentist is able to actively oversee every step of the restoration design to ensure that it is harmonious with your bite and your smile.

High-Performance Materials

Our practice prides itself on sourcing premium materials and components for our restorations and prosthetics. We incorporate high strength strength ceramics from Japan and Liechtenstein, and implants from Sweden and Switzerland.


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Clinics Offered

We’re pleased to offer dental lab services at this convenient Vancouver location.

University Village – UBC

Centrally located near the UBC Faculty of Dentistry. Pacific Spirit Dental Centre offers Specialist care in a calm, peaceful clinic environment.

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New Patients

We’ve had the privilege of caring for thousands of smiles in Vancouver. Nothing is more important to us than to be able to offer our expertise in high-quality, comprehensive dental care to our patients. From our family to yours, we are always welcoming new patients.


Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about our dental laboratory services? Browse our FAQ section, and please reach out at any time.

Dental crowns are caps that cover the top and sides of a tooth. Crowns are often the most reliable means of treating extensively cracked or worn teeth. Crowns are traditionally made in a dental laboratory and inserted 1-2 weeks after the initial visit.

A CEREC same-day crown is even more convenient, because it’s created and placed on your tooth during a single appointment, right in the dental office. Specialized technologies let us restore your tooth in 1-2 hours.

When you get a CEREC same-day crown, we’ll put you through a quick process:

  • Scanning: We use digital imaging to scan your teeth, taking impressions without traditional impression putty
  • Designing: We turn your digital impressions into a model of your crown using design software
  • 5-Axis Milling: Our machine in the next room mills your crown out of a block of ceramic in about 15 minutes
  • Placing: Your dentist polishes your crown and places it on your tooth

We’ll show you the results and make sure you’re happy with your new smile.

An average CEREC crown lasts about 10-15 years, which is around the same amount of time that a traditional crown lasts. They are made from exactly the same high-strength ceramics as traditional dental crowns.

CEREC crowns are as safe as traditional crowns since they are made from the same time-tested ceramics. There is little to no difference in the procedure performed in your mouth, compared to having a traditional crown. The innovative process happens in another room where the crown is quickly designed in our software and milled with our CEREC machine.

The ceramics used (zirconia or glass-ceramic) have a long track record of being exceptionally durable, biocompatible, and aesthetic.

Insurance coverage varies based on your plan details. Many plans do cover at least part of the cost of crowns, while some plans cover 100%.

3D printing has revolutionized how we fabricate night guards, temporary teeth, and models. In the laboratory, this technology has improved accuracy and made our work more predictable. Digital files are kept so that replacements can be readily produced in the event of loss or breakage of an item.


We’re located in the heart of the University of British Columbia campus and along the Arbutus corridor. We are modern, professional, and specialists in your smile.

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