The Dentist by Pacific Spirit

The Dentist is located in the heart of the UBC Vancouver Campus, and aims to improve access to quality dental care that fit your budget and busy schedule.

General Dentistry

Affordable, Comfortable Care

Just like our primary practice, The Dentist’s team of experienced general dentists and dental hygienists is here to take the best care of your teeth and gums. Prevention is our primary goal, but if we need to recommend that you see a specialist, you can more easily receive consultation and care from a specialist at our main practice.

Accessible Dental Care

Although we are guided by Board-Certified Prosthodontists, not every patient needs to be seen by a specialist. That’s just part of how we help make expert dentistry more accessible to more Vancouver residents.

Convenient Location

Sharing space with our University Village clinic, The Dentist is located in the heart of the UBC Vancouver Campus. Steps from the UBC Faculty of Dentistry.

Later Appointments

At The Dentist, you will be cared for by an experienced general practitioner with convenient evening hours and affordable fees matching the province’s recommended fee schedule.

Direct Billing to Insurance

Wherever possible, we will directly bill to your dental insurance plan for your convenience.

Quality Care

Pacific Spirit Dental Centre was created to help reduce barriers and increase access to high quality, compassionate, and timely dental care. 

New Patients

We are always looking to grow our family at Pacific Spirit Dental Centre, and are always accepting new patients. It is our greatest privilege to look after your oral health.


FAQs Headline

We know you have questions about The Dentist, and how it differs from our regular practice at the same location. Browse our FAQ section, and please reach out at any time.

The dentist was conceived because we understand that not every patient needs to see a Board-Certified Prosthodontist for their day to day dental care. Prosthodontists have extensive training in the replacement of teeth and management of the most complex dental conditions. Many patients can be very well cared for by an experienced general dentist.

The Dentist offers:

– Later/more convenient appointment times

– General Practitioner fee schedule

– Direct Insurance billing

– Experienced general dentists with the guidance of our certified Specialists

Of course! A referral to see the Prosthodontist is always easy to arrange. The advantage is that your records will already be fully accessible on-site. Your General Dentist at The Dentist will also have access to the full range of technology that Pacific Spirit Dental Centre has to offer.

For many patients, we think so! As far as we are concerned, a simple cavity should be expertly repaired by any of our dentists, Specialist or General Practitioner. It is when multiple complicated conditions such as bite misalignment, missing teeth, and complex esthetics involving the front teeth are present that Specialist care becomes advisable. At The Dentist, we are committed to providing you the most appropriate care that you need and will advise you if Specialist care is indicated.


We’re located in the heart of the University of British Columbia campus and along the Arbutus corridor. We are modern, professional, and specialists in your smile.

Where to Find Us