New Patient Information - First Visit

Assessing your dental health involves gathering information about your teeth and associated structures and the systems used to gather that information.  To facilitate your evaluation, we would like to review your previous dental records, preferably prior to your first visit.  The information of most value to us will be your past radiographs (x-ray pictures), any charting (particularly periodontal pocket probing and recession charting) and study models.  These can only be forwarded to our office, by your previous dentist, with your consent either by a telephone call or with a written consent form.  If you wish, you may download and print our Records Transfer form.  Once you have the form, you can either mail or fax it to your previous dentist's office.  If you wish assistance with this, please give our administrative team a call (604.224.2411).  In addition to previous dental records, we would like some information on your dental history as well as your health history.  This can either be done in our office or, if you wish, the Health History and New Patient Information forms can be printed, completed and brought with you on your first visit.  

During the new patient examination, the information collection process will proceed as follows:

At this point, your visit will be complete and the administrative team will schedule an appointment for you with one of our hygienists.  As a general rule, your dentist will examine all the collected information at a later time (usually during the same day) and will then formulate a diagnosis along with treatment plan options.  We will typically want to discuss this with you prior to scheduling any further dental appointments.  In the event, that you have current radiographs (x-ray pictures) from a previous office and you did not request them before hand, it may mean that we will not be able to complete your diagnosis and treatment plan until they arrive.

If you wish to have a 'peek' ahead, feel free to visit the Consultation page.  As you complete your first visit, we will direct you to this page.  You will find it quite useful and it will help you ask the right questions regarding your dental condition and possible treatment options.

Tips for our new patients:

Any questions?  If so, don't hesitate to contact us by or by phone 604.224.2411.  We'd be happy to answer any of your questions.