All-on-Implants Reconstruction

A revolutionary implant procedure to regain stable function for multiple missing teeth and damaged gums. A total arch replacement supported by dental implants.

Total Arch Replacement.

Recreating and Restoring Natural Comfort, Function, and Esthetics.

Losing multiple teeth is an unfortunate situation that could arise for a number of reasons beyond your control such as advanced tooth decay, gum disease, or trauma. In some cases, the most superior level of comfort and chewing function is achieved by a full-arch replacement. All-on-Implants Reconstruction is a revolutionary alternative to traditional removable dentures. Anchored securely to the jaw bone by 4 to 6 implants, an All-on-Implants bridge will never move and never need to be removed at night.

The All-on-Implants Difference

Unlike traditional dentures, All-on-Implant bridges are completely stable and comfortable during chewing, just like natural teeth. Completely implant-supported, there is no additional bulk covering the palate by plastic or metal framework. And there are even more benefits.


Constructed from precision milled and polished Zirconia, arguably the smoothest, hygienic, and most biocompatible material available to dentistry today. All-on-Implant bridges are exceedingly durable and resist stain and plaque accumulation.


Your teeth don’t belong in a cup of water at night. Firmly secured to 4 to 6 dental implants with precision-engineered components, All-on-Implants bridges do not require nightly removal.

Bone Density Maintenance

Implants transfer the forces of chewing directly to the jaw bone, avoiding the gradual atrophy of the gums and supporting bone typically seen with traditional removable dentures. Constant stimulation of the jaw bone promotes long-term bone density maintenance.

Hand-Crafted Esthetics

Engineered by your Prosthodontist, handcrafted by Master Dental Technicians, All-on-Implants bridges start from the “ground up”. Each bridge is custom-tailored to the shape of your face and your vision of a perfect smile.

Overnight Transformation

No other procedure in dentistry provides as dramatic a transformation as an All-on-Implants bridge. In most cases, a lifelike temporary bridge is connected to the implants on the same day that they are placed.

Transformed Smiles

We have decades of experience with helping patients regain their smiles through All-on-Implants. Explore our gallery to see the results.

Locations Offered

We’re pleased to offer All-on-Implants at these convenient Vancouver locations.

UBC-University Village Clinic

Centrally located near the UBC Faculty of Dentistry. Pacific Spirit Dental Centre offers Specialist care in a calm, peaceful clinic environment.

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West Broadway-Arbutus Clinic

Located along the Arbutus Greenway, our West Broadway clinic is equipped to care for the full scope of our patients’ oral health needs.

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New Patients

We’ve had the privilege of caring for thousands of smiles in Vancouver. Nothing is more important to us than to be able to offer our expertise in high-quality, comprehensive dental care to our patients. From our family to yours, we are always welcoming new patients.


Frequently Asked Questions

We know you have questions about All-on-Implants. Browse our FAQ section, and please reach out at any time.

Typically, yes! In most cases, the cause for being a “poor implant candidate” is a lack of sufficient bone volume. All-on-implant reconstruction utilizes alternative implant angulations and positions different from conventional single-tooth replacement. Cases of insufficient bone at these sites are rare.

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While our team is expert in maximizing the utilization of your dental insurance benefits, most insurance plans, unfortunately, do not cover the majority of dental implant treatments. Canadian health insurance does not extend to complex dental care at this time. To make expenses more practical, payments may be made in installments spread over the total treatment duration.

Yes! A key feature of implant-supported restorations is that they are detachable by a dental professional for maintenance. While often unnecessary, the precision-manufactured bridge can be readily disconnected and reconnected the need arises.

While we always strive to keep discomfort to a minimum through the entire treatment process, All-on-Implants treatment often involves the removal of multiple teeth. Post-operative discomfort is typically readily controlled with a combination of off-the-shelf analgesics such as Ibuprofen (Advil) and Acetaminophen (Tylenol). Discomfort typically lasts only a few days post-operatively.

Absolutely. When teeth are missing, dental implant-supported restorations most closely resemble the function, comfort, and esthetics of natural teeth. They provide chewing strength and comfort that is superior to any removable denture or traditional bridge supported by adjacent natural teeth.

The pre-operative workup for dental implants involves a thorough patient history. In almost all cases, dental implants are an exceedingly safe procedure provided that meticulous surgical and treatment principles are adhered to. Dental implants are documented in the scientific literature to be successful 98.5% of the time. As a team of led by Certified Specialists, we are equipped with the necessary technologies, training, and experience to ensure that your treatment is carried out in the safest manner possible.

Indefinitely. While complications related to wear and tear do occur, dental implant treatment is one of the most durable treatments available today. Constructed correctly and with proper professional maintenance, dental implants can endure for decades. It is not uncommon for implants placed 30 years ago in our clinic to be still functioning well today.

Dental implant treatment duration can vary from 3 months to 9 months start-to-finish depending on the unique circumstances of your case. The main limiting factor is the rate at which the jaw bone heals and whether any bone regeneration was performed. Rest assured; we guarantee that at no time will you be without teeth. At all times during the treatment, interim provisional teeth will be in place.  


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